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ibt | WIZARD OF Oz

IBT | WIZARD OF OZ (Click on the Tickets Link above for current performances.)

IBT for Children presents The Wizard of Oz
An original dance theatre performance created to engage, entertain and inspire younger audiences.

Featuring Choreography by
Vera Altunina, Alison Epsom, Anna-Marie Kool


The Wizard of Oz is a one-hour spectacle of pure wonder. Lions! And tigers! And bears! Oh my! This live theatrical performance is based on the classic tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum. Children ages 3-10 will find this production to be a stimulating experience in the enchanting world of live theatre and dance. International Ballet Theatre’s series of performances for children feature young and talented dancers from Bellevue’s International Ballet Academy (IBA), the preparatory school of the International Ballet Theatre. IBA’s cast of whimsical characters, along with Dorothy and Toto, take you on an exciting adventure to see the enigmatic Wizard of the Emerald City of Oz.

The production team and Artistic Director vera Altunina of International Ballet Theatre (IBT) are firm believers in providing our younger generation with access to the performance arts via dance and live theatre. With this in mind, they have created the IBT For Children series of performances, where the productions are specifically designed for a younger audience and are performed by their peers.

IBT for Children's original productions have included Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book, with our young dancers performing to sold out performances of moms, dads, brothers and sisters, giving hundreds of families a chance to attend a live theatrical performance together.

About IBT For Children

IBT for Children celebrates the experience of dancing as a dancer with a professional ballet company. The International Ballet Academy encourages our young student dancers to believe in themselves, to set goals and do it with confidence.  We know that any dancer who has performed for a live audience knows the excitement and emotional thrill one gets from the experience.

IBT for Children’s series of performances has been created to promote dance in our community in two ways.

The first is to inspire International Ballet Academy (IBA) students in the studio to bring their dance skills to the stage by producing a live performance in a public theatre with a full production team; marketing, ticket sales, rehearsals, make-up, costuming, lights, sound and an appreciative live audience. We hope our young dancers can inspire the next generation of children to see dance and the performance arts as a creative outlet that provides the opportunity for children to work together and support one another while sharing in the creative process.

And second, to continue preserving the art of dance. We want families to be able to witness a professional ballet company and share a casual yet stimulating experience in the magical world of live theatre and dance.

CLICK HERE to learn more about International Ballet Academy in Bellevue

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