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THE FOREST SONG | April 30 2p

IBT Presents The Forest Song
An IBT Special Event Dedicated to Ukrainian Culture

Sunday, April 30th at 2:00 pm

featuring Kateryna Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov of the National Opera of Ukraine.
Reserved Seating $100 CLICK HERE to BUY TICKETS


A Ukrainian Cultural Event -- see The Program below

The International Ballet Theatre is proud to present a celebration of Ukrainian culture through the beauty of dance. This April 30th, 2023, IBT company members will take the stage with Ukrainian musicians, dancers, and politicians to uphold the legacy of this historically vibrant country, which will conclude with a performance of ACT 3 from The Forest Song ballet.


Created in 1911 by Lesya Ukrainka, one of Ukrainian literature's foremost writers, The Forest Song salutes the rich folklore and culture of Ukraine’s history. Leading this incredible cast will be Kateryna Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov of the National Opera of Ukraine.


A portion of the ticket sales from this performance will be donated to the Kyiv State Professional Choreographic College. 



Ukrainian Hopak 

Choreographed by IBT Artistic Director, Vera Altunina, and set to traditional Ukrainian folk music, we open our production with a performance of a timeless Ukrainian folk dance.



Ukrainian Consular Valeriy Goloborodko and Bellevue Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuis will take the stage to talk about our diverse communities and how Ukrainian culture is flourishing within the Pacific Northwest. 


Following their presentations, we will have two incredible demonstrations of Ukrainian culture.

  • Animated Feature Film, Mavka

​​​       Based on The Forest Song by Lesya Ukrainka and starring Kateryna Kukhar

  • ​Musical Performance of Ukrainian Music



Our production will conclude with the performance of ACT 3 from the ballet, The Forest Song. Staged and starring Kateryna Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov in the leading roles, this incredible performance celebrates the rich folklore and culture of Ukraine’s history. 


  • Based on the Ukrainian play of the same name by Lesya Ukrainka.

  • Starring Kateryna Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov

  • Staged by Kateryna  Kukhar and Aleksander Stoyanov

  • Choreography V. Vronskiy, Music M. Skorulsky


A reception will follow the show to allow our community to meet with Ukrainian dancers and artists and learn more about the rich history of their country.

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